Composite Gostar Sepahan, Knowledge-Based Company was established in 2012 with the mission of creating better living conditions for the disabled and amputated veterans. The production of quality products that can replace the lost natural human organ was the main concern of the company’s founders, and in order to achieve this important goal, a rough and difficult path was taken until today. the company officially produced the Iran’s first Carbon Prosthetic Foot after Receiving approval from the General Department of Medical Devices and the European Union. we are proud to have placed Iran in the top 5 countries with the technology to make this type of Prosthetic Foot. The Prosthetic Foot of Pars Flex series, having efficiency and durability equal to the samples produced by the pioneers of this product in the world, have caused the company to take a step towards increasing quality and variety with the prospect of conquering the markets of the region.

Carbon fiber structure

Carbon fiber introduced in 1879 when Edison used it as a high-strength filament for electric lighting. In the early 1960s, successful commercial production of carbon fiber for military purposes and for use in warplanes began. It is one of the most important applications of carbon fiber in the reinforcement and improvement of structures and composites, and also in civilian cases such as passenger and cargo aircraft, automobile manufacturing and manufacturing of industrial parts, medical industries, recreational industries, sports, etc. Carbon fibers are used in composites with epoxy resins or other resins. Carbon fiber composite is the best choice in cases where high strength and hardness along with low weight and exceptional corrosion resistance properties are considered.

Properties of carbon fiber

Carbon fibers are black in color, odorless and insoluble in water. They are resistant to acids, bases and organic solvents. They are non-melting and non-explosive. These fibers are widely used in the composite industry. Increases traction and modulus. Carbon fibers are mostly used in the manufacture of air composite components, pressure vessels and FRP reinforcement in buildings.

Our members

Composite Gostar Sepahan Company has been able to raise the name of its products above the peaks of domestic and foreign pride with the benefit of local experts and knowledge, and this could not have been possible except with your support. Stand up for yourself.

Hamid Reza Moghare Abed


Dr. Mohammad Nasr Isfahani

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Amir Hassan Nouraei