General recommendations to users

 ۱- Refer your Prosthetic Foot to your technical orthopedist once per year for annual review and maintenance.

۲) Any changes in the performance of the device, such as changes in the stiffness of the heel and toe parts, any unusual sound and the feeling of free movement in the wrist, discuss with your technical orthopedist at the earliest opportunity.

۳) Use a damp cloth and soap to clean the various components of your prosthesis and avoid using other cleaners such as Whitex and … which are highly corrosive.

This warranty includes all parts of the carbon Prosthetic Foot and is for the buyer and is not transferable.

It should be noted that the warranty period of the polyurethane cover is 12 months and the warranty period of the Prosthetic Foot is 18 months.

Warranty terms

۱٫ Since the product you have is prescribed according to the user’s conditions, it must necessarily be used by the same person.

۲) This carbon Prosthetic Foot is designed for routine activities, so avoid using it in sports or unconventional activities that put pressure and impact on it.

۳) Damages caused by unexpected events such as accident, fire, exposure to heat, etc., as well as negligence in the correct and excessive use of capacity are not covered by the warranty.

۴) The product warranty is valid if it has been purchased from the company’s approved dealers and has been used according to the installation instructions.

۵) Damage to polyurethane coatings caused by walking barefoot on uneven and rocky surfaces and causing the cover to puncture for any reason is not part of the cover replacement guarantee.

۶) Any change or replacement of components and changes in the overall structure of the product will invalidate the warranty.

۷) Carbon Prosthetic Foot with different categories is prescribed for certain weight limits and any unusual weight gain more than 10 kg will invalidate the warranty.

۸) The maximum time interval between the date of sending the Prosthetic Foot and the date of installation is 6 months.

۹) If the warranty card is not completed or the identification code of the warranty card is not entered, the warranty is invalid.

۱۰) Consumables such as socks are not included in the warranty.