Pars Flex LP Carbon Prosthetic Foot

Pars Flex Original Carbon Prosthetic Foot

Pars Flex advanced carbon prosthetic foot are produced using carbon fiber composite using the latest method in the world and using the best European raw materials. These Prosthetic Foot are very light and their very delicate shape has made them easy to install and easily placed inside their special cover.

Pars Flex carbon prosthetic foot provides a comprehensive combination of comfort and mobility for amputated disabled and ensures the highest level of safety and security for the user.

Due to the natural gate, these claws are an ideal foot for all kinds of activities. The length and length of a path that a person can easily walk always depends on the amount of energy they expend. CGS carbon prosthetic foot with their ideal design and raw materials with special properties lead to increased energy efficiency with the least amount of pressure and fatigue.

Another feature of Pars Flex carbon prosthetic foot is that it is designed and made for different degrees of activity and different weights. For example, a claw used for a 70 kg person is different from a claw prescribed for a 80 kg person and will show flexibility in proportion to the weight of the disabled person.

More user dominance:

The special design of Pars Flex carbon prosthetic foot and heel makes it very easy to walk without shoes and also small changes in the heel height of the shoe do not bother the user.

Energy vector optimization

Pars Flex, consisting of the main part of the toe, the carbon heel with the cover that designed in such a way that it reaches the desired level of energy and helps to increase the person’s control against the reaction force of the earth throughout the whole step.

The clinical structural features of Pars Flex prove that this product is a new and stable step in the design of artificial legs.

Pars Flex LP table guide

The maximum weight applied to each point is estimated at 116 kg.

activity rate ۵۲-۴۴ kg ۵۹-۵۳ kg ۶۰-۶۸ kg ۶۹-۷۷ kg ۸۸-۷۸ kg ۱۰۰-۸۹ kg ۱۰۱-۱۱۶ kg ۱۱۷-۱۳۰ kg
low ۱ ۱ ۲ ۳ ۴ ۵ ۶ ۷
medium ۱ ۲ ۳ ۴ ۵ ۶ ۷ ۸
high ۲ ۳ ۴ ۵ ۶ ۷ ۸ Special

Full prosthetic foot length:

The length of the prosthetic foot corresponds to the length of a healthy foot and causes more symmetrical and uniform steps.

Proportional reaction:

Carbon fiber layers are optimally designed with a proper deflection and bending angle to separate the prosthetic foot from the ground and have a balanced position and in harmony with the weight of users and the desired degree of activity.

Wrist flexibility when walking:

The vertical forces generated are absorbed during heel contact and returned to the wrist to move forward.

Energy vector optimization:

A unique integration between the foot and its cover will optimize the energy vector in a desirable way.

Pars Flex LP users chart

  • Pars Flex is recommended for all consumers with all degrees of activity.
  • Users range in weight from 44 to 130 kg.
  • Pars Flex is especially suitable for:
    • Patients under the knee amputation
    • Patients with amputation above the knee
    • Users who need a normal gait pattern
    • Users who walk barefoot
User profile
Amputation level Cut off the wrist
Activity level All degrees
Maximum user weight ۱۳۰ kg


  • Increased rolling property
  • Reduction at the maximum pressure point
  • Decreased sensitivity in adjusting compliance
  • Increased improvement in walking without shoes
Prosthetic Foot specifications
Categories ۱-۸
Sizes ۲۳-۲۷
Weight ۷۲۰ g
Height ۸۰ mm

Pars Flex carbon prosthetic foot increase the potential energy of the foot while walking.

The figures above shows a sample of artificial foot, a Pars Flex sample, and a typical human foot. It is well known that the center of pressure in the shape of Pars Flex is very close to the healthy organ and almost corresponds to it. There is also constant contact between the prosthesis and the ground throughout the stride, which is much preferable to conventional prostheses, where the heel first comes into contact with the ground and then the prosthetic foot. Another point is that the maximum pressure applied to the foot is reduced, which reduces the pressure on the part with the limb and helps to protect it more.


Pars Flex Original Carbon Prosthetic Foot

Pars Flex Original Carbon Prosthetic Foot

Pars Flex Original Carbon Prosthetic Foot

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